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We can always use help during events and fundraisers.

You can pick which ones you would like to help with.

Immediate Volunteer Needs:

Cleaning Cat Cages -
We need help cleaning cages, freshening water and food,

and cleaning litter boxes on Saturday and/or Sunday

afternoons at PetsMart. (Approximately 3:00pm)


Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteers must be at least 18 yrs old (unless accompanied

by an adult) and be current on their tetanus vaccination.

Please give one Professional and one Personal reference -
Name, Address and Phone*

Adoption counseling / follow up
Assisting in local pet adoption events
Assisting with cats at Petsmart
Dog walker
Facility maintenance / handy person  
Fundraising / Events 
Grant writer 
Graphic artist 
Photography / Video 
Promotion / Social Media  
Public education 
Transportation / Set Up (animals to events, set up crates, tables)



I agree that I am providing volunteer services to Animals Best Friends. This may include assisting at pet adoptions, working at the Animals Best Friends facility, transporting animals and various other activities.

I hereby represent that my motor vehicle and I are insured pursuant to the laws of my state of residence.  I will maintain this insurance during any time I work as a volunteer with Animals Best Friends and am called upon to use my vehicle.

I understand that Animals Best Friends is not responsible for any illness or injury incurred during my volunteer work.  I also understand that Animals Best Friends is not responsible for any injury or illness caused by any animals that I come in contact with during my volunteer work.  I agree to hold harmless and release Animals Best Friends from liability should I become sick or injured as a result of my volunteer work.

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