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 Q: Do we have to fill out an application before seeing the animal?

 A: Yes, you must fill out an application first.

 Q: Do you have to have a vet reference?

 A: Yes, you must have a vet reference showing a history of good pet ownership.

 Q: Do you adopt out of State?

 A: We will ONLY adopt within a 100 mile radius of the           Independence/Kansas City Missouri area.

 Q: Do you have to have a fence?

 A: It depends on the dog you are interested in, though a fence is preferred.

 Q: What if I do not mark yes to checking references?

 A: Your application will not be processed.

 Q: Do you contact us if Not selected?

 A: No, we will NOT contact you if not selected.

 Q: What is the adoption fee?

 A: Adoption fees range from $85 to $200

 Q: Do you ship your animals?

 A: No, we do not ship any of our animals.




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