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Hosmer loves people, playing fetch, car rides and long walks. He is affectionate and smart, eager to please and eager to learn. Hosmer would prefer to be the only pet in the home. Fenced yard required. Hosmer spends occasional weekends with a foster family and here is what they have to say about him..."Hosmer is such a great dog! If he wants to go out, he usually stands by the back door. He's very good at waiting for me to open the door and to say "Go ahead" before he heads out. With it raining this weekend, we made sure to wipe off his paws when he came in. He would sit and allow me to wipe all of his paws without an issue. He does a very good job of listening when you tell him to sit and minds very well. He's very curious about new things in the house, but if it is something we do not want him around, we just say his name and he leaves it alone. Hosmer is not allowed on the furniture, but he is more than content to lay by your feet. He waits patiently while you pour his food for him and waits for you to set it down and move out of the way before he starts eating. He does it quickly, but he doesn't make a mess. I cannot brag enough about how well he listens and how good he is at doing what he is supposed to. When he sees you get his harness, he automatically sits so you can put it on him, even letting you pull his leg through. He does the same for when you hook his leash on. I also do not have to bribe him with treats to go into the kennel at night. If I walk over to it and open the door, he easily goes in. He even went in there himself a couple times during the day to take a nap. We did not have any accidents the weekends we've kept him and he went outside to go to the bathroom." 

Hosmer's adoption fee is $125 which includes our Adoption Incentive Package: 6 months worth of heartworm preventative, one free medical exam with the adopter's personal vet at time of adoption, and a 6 week training opportunity to help the dog adjust to a home.

Thank you for your interest in our animals. Animals Best Friends strives to make a compatible match with our families and our companion animals. Due to the volume of e-mails and calls we only contact applications that meet our criteria. If you are selected, we contact in five business days.

If not contacted, please pursue another rescue group or shelter.

Thank you,
ABF Volunteers


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