Thank you for your interest in ADOPTING or FOSTERING an ABF animal.  We ONLY adopt/foster within a 100 mile radius of Independence, MO.  If you have any questions about this application, you may email us at or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

A veterinarian reference is required.  Please include ALL past and present veterinarians that you have used for your pets, along with their address and phone number.  We are looking for a history of good pet ownership, such as yearly vaccinations, heartworm preventative, etc. for the lifetime of the pet.   Without this important information, we will not be able to process your application.

If we select your application, we will contact you within 5-7 days.  If you are not contacted, we are pursuing other applications.

SECTION 1 - Personal Information

SECTION 2 - Residence Information

If you rent or lease, list the name, address, and phone number of the landlord or property owner who holds your lease or rental agreement.

SECTION 3 - Animal Lifestyle

SECTION 4 - Pet Information

Do you have any other pets?  If so, list name / age / breed and corresponding information for each pet.

SECTION 5  - New ABF Animal

What will you do with the animal if you leave town?

SECTION 6 - References

Please include address, phone number and how long known:

How did you hear about us?


SECTION 7  - Terms And Conditions


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